Now Taking Private Clients

Calling all Ramble Om Yoga alumni!
I’m now taking on private clients.

If you have a busy schedule that clashes with regular fitness class times, if you lack confidence to join a public class, if you’re new to yoga and seek some one-on-one guidance, or even if you just want a tailor-made program suited to your goals and interests- private classes are just the thing for you.

What do you want to work on? Is it mobility? Flexibility? Breath-work? A certain posture? Meditation? Strength? Or a combination of it all? Tell me what it is you want to achieve through your practice and I’ll tailor make a program that suits those goals.

Where? A quiet comfortable space, clear from clutter and distractions is best for our private yoga sessions. If you’re unable to practice at home for our sessions or would to prefer to practice in an allocated space, we can sort something out for an additional cost.

When? That’s up to you! We’ll work around your schedule. Early in the morning is a great habit to form and to set you up for the rest of your day. That being said- you might prefer to practice after work hours if it fits in better with your schedule. We’ll work with your time allowances.

How long: One hour sessions are the standard these days, and in a busy schedule it’s more than enough.
How often we work together is entirely up to you, however I do require a month commitment deposit/payment upfront.
Once a week is a great place to start and may be all that you can fit in, but the real changes start when you’re able to find solid consistency. It’s recommended that 2-3 times a week is where noticeable changes start to develop in your practice.

How much: Based on 1hr Sessions
(One month minimum deposit of 75% required)
Once a week $40
Twice a week $70
Three times a week $100

Get in contact with me at or 0432 484 165 if you have any questions at all!


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