Level Up!

I’m getting up there in the Yoga World! I’m officially 300hr YTT  Qualified (500hr in total)

This past month has absolutely flown by- but they say time flies when you’re having fun (and learning/practicing something that you love!)
My experience at Kranti Yoga exceeded expectations and I’ve come out of the course feeling more confident and capable than ever! I’m left feeling incredibly greatful for this entire experience; the people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made, the daily ocean swims, progress in my personal practice as well as developing as a teacher. All of it.
My heart is happy, my soul is full and I’m so excited to keep progressing in this beautiful lifestyle of which we call Yoga

I’m now travelling India for 18 days! Something I’ve always dreamt of doing and for once in my life I have not only the time but the money to do so! I had my first experience with the Indian train system and absolutely loved it.
I’ve began in Hampi, off to Mysore tomorrow, then to Cochin, Munnar, Veranasi, Udaipur, Agra and Pushkar before returning home to recommence teaching in my home town.


Hampi has been an absolute surreal experience even if a monkey did try to steal my GoPro whilst I was practicing Primary Series on a rooftop! The ancient temples (we’re talking 14th century!) and spectacular sunsets have blown my mind and given me further understanding of India’s history.

I’m so very excited to head to Mysore tomorrow as part of a bit of a Yoga pilgrimage and to make my way upwards taking it all in!

Love & Light,

“To other countries I may go as a tourist, but to India I come as a pilgrim”– Martin Luther King Jr.

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