Find A Job You Love & Never Work A Day

I’ve officially been teaching as a qualified Yoga Instructor for a month now through my little business baby, Ramble Om.
It has been SUCH an amazing, humbling experience and I’m sure a lot of Yoga Instructors have this very same feeling. I wish I pursued it years ago.

I was initially shocked at just how many people from my tiny little town turned up to classes, eager to begin or continue their Yoga journey with me. I was shocked even more so when the same students continued to turn up to class. Being from a small, rural town I wasn’t sure how Yoga would be received, especially my eastern-taught approach to it. So to see minds opening to something new and different blew me away!

My students are at all different skill levels which is such a beautiful challenge for me as I try to create classes that suit and benefit all students (as well as myself)
I’m met with rewarding obstacles, thinking on my feet, finding my flow in every class and I love it! I feel at home when teaching- something I NEVER thought I would or could do. I love seeing progress in my students. I love challenging them and seeing them challenge themselves. I love seeing them fall madly in love with their individual Yoga Journey. I love seeing how proud they are when they complete a series of sun salutations without taking a breather in childspose or when they feel their flexibility growing. Or even just how calm and accomplished they feel after a class.

I detest self-appraisal so that’s certainly not what’s intended here, but I also love that in some way I’m helping people any way that I can, particularly with mental health struggles. When I was obtaining my certification our teachers would say
As a Yoga Instructor people will feel able to open up to you. Be prepared for when people come to you with their problems
And it’s so true. I’m not sure exactly why. Maybe because Yoga is spiritual and we do focus a lot on meditation and calming the mind, perhaps because I’m open about my own personal struggles with anxiety and depression, or maybe I just have a kind face, two ears to listen with and a sturdy shoulder to cry on! I’m always more than happy to stay back after a class to talk about everything and anything with anyone.
I’m humbled that I can give people even just 60 minutes of calm and self-love, and also the tools to take it home with them.

This might sound like a cliche’ (because it is) but I do learn from my students. I’ve learnt how to give better verbal adjustments before resorting to physical adjustments with all different types of bodies, I’ve learnt confidence and organisation,  I’ve learnt patience and humility, and I’ve also learnt that it’s totally OK to make mistakes! Laugh it off and love yourself all the more for it.
I can’t wait to further better myself as a Yoga Teacher and Practitioner as there is ALWAYS room for growth. I’ll never be a revolutionary or change the world, but I can help change someone’s world.

Love & Light,

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”- Confucious.

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